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our actors are not able to promote much tooth in Vietnam

Ngày đăng: 2019/04/24 at 4:39 Sáng

our actors are not able to promote much tooth in Vietnam, prolonged irritation and gingivitis. The poorly trained dentist performs a non-standard abrasive treatment that creates a gap between the actual tooth post and the crown of the dental crown, leaving the stagnant food hard to clean, enabling the bacteria to multiply, forming the plaque that causes it. irritation and receding gums. Metal warts are oxidized by acid and bacteria, causing gingival irritation and gum recession. Using denture removable or porcelain crown bridge without tooth roots should not prevent bone loss, leading to tooth loss gums. Due to mechanical impact brush with a bristle brush. Inappropriate brushing. Frown with a sharp tooth after eating. Fish bones or shell shrimp, crabs hit the gums when not paying attention. Why do pregnant women have to make dentures?

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Have a tooth loss early on when braces

Many people think that braces will cause the teeth to weaken, and when older teeth will fall easily. Is this thought correct?

The answer is not yours. Teeth only move and move while you are resting, when moving to the necessary position the doctor will stop moving. Once in place, your teeth will gradually settle back to normal like your natural teeth, without much difference. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

So, the problem of early tooth loss when the braces really is just thinking of you. Early or no loss of teeth depends on the site and how you look after your teeth. Here are some causes for early tooth loss.

Causes you to lose your teeth soon

Oral care is not careful

Many people look at dental care and this is extremely dangerous. When the teeth are not cleaned carefully, will cause tooth decay. When the teeth are deep, the teeth will no longer be healthy and easily lead to damaged teeth.

Smoking, drinking alcohol

Smoking and alcohol can also cause damage to teeth and long lead to periodontal disease and teeth status is unavoidable. Therefore, if you smoke heavily, take care of your teeth carefully or visit your dentist regularly. vietnam dentist prices

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