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completely unexpected achievement for a movie teeth in Vietnam

Ngày đăng: 2019/04/23 at 6:42 Sáng

completely unexpected achievement for a movie teeth in Vietnam, also known as mesenteric shunt, is a deep, dented V-shaped groove on the tooth surface adjacent to the gingival margin, or in the small molar teeth of teeth 4 and 5, Number 6 and the incisors. Causes of Neck Stomach. There are two main causes of tooth decay that you often miss High crowns accumulate: High dental adhesion under the root of the teeth, long over the pressure on the gums, push the gums down, away from the root. When you lose, exposing the roots, now the root teeth are no longer protected gums, so it is easy to be abrasive by natural acid in the fresh water or in the food you eat every day. Brushing the wrong way: Brushing badly, rubbing hard, using too hard bristles, or toothpastes containing abrasive toothpastes is also a cause of tooth decay.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Early tooth years because of unnecessary teeth

Brushing with cold water

Brushing with cold water is the habit of most people. But experts on toothpaste said: In the toothpaste mixture contains many components are friction and fluoride. These substances only work at maximum temperature of about 37 * C. Therefore, when brushing with cold water, these substances will not work so we do not brush teeth can be high effect. In addition, brushing with cold water often and permanently can affect the health of the gums and soft tissue. Causes tooth enamel and dentin. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Frown with a toothpick 

Using toothpicks will cause the teeth to sparse, resulting in the food is getting more and more. The main cause is that the diameter of the toothpick is usually larger than the interstitium, if the size is too small, the toothpick is not firm enough to be inserted between the teeth.

Eat – Drink when the food is too hot

The difference in temperature when drinking or over-eating food causes the tooth surface to produce small cracks that can be seen with the naked eye. These minor injuries will wipe the tooth enamel, making it sensitive or sensitive when eating cold food. Most serious is that it also causes damage to the marrow, which makes it easier to catch infections and inflammation.

Eat too much starch

Starches in bread, biscuits, pasta … will turn into sugar, creating a favorable environment for bacteria to develop tooth decay.

Using teeth as tools vietnam dentist prices

The use of gloves to open the bottle, tear the label, bite the pen, bite plastic bags … will wear enamel, hurt: broken teeth, cracked teeth.

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