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your wife has been exporting teeth in Vietnam

Ngày đăng: 2019/04/24 at 3:22 Sáng

your wife has been exporting teeth in Vietnam , teeth are deep moderate, painless, pregnant women can completely perform this filling and weld treatment without worrying about anything yes can affect the fetus Cure myelitis when the tooth aches but also preserved, pregnant can also completely treat the pulp. However, in this treatment, certain procedures need to be taken to avoid injecting chemicals into the body during treatment. Extraction of teeth: To extract the teeth of naturally occurring anesthesia. The numbness of the anesthetic means that the chemical will be put into the body. Gargling with warm salt water daily helps to remove bacteria, clean the oral cavity, amidan, throat. In ancient times, our grandparents used to say that brushing their mouth with salt water helped keep their teeth healthy. Do not Forget To Swim Before The Pumpkin.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Dental implant immediately after extraction teeth

Time saving: just one surgery to do two things. vietnam dentist prices

Cost savings: The bone loss is not compromised by tooth extraction, so bone grafting or bone grafting is unavoidable.

Pain relief and especially to keep the facial muscles unaffected, keep the natural features, balance of the face due to the implant root implant is replaced soon after the extraction.

So when you want to implant the implant immediately after the extraction, you need to find a specialist, reputable for consultation and consultation, because the extraction and implant implants at the same time will help save costs, time as well as aesthetic issues. In addition, if you do not have implants implanted right after the extraction of teeth should also be discussed with the doctor extracted teeth and implants will implant later on the preservation of the alveolar bone to implant implants later be favorable.

However, not any teeth when spit can implant immediately. For two-legged or 3-legged teeth, the implant is expected to last about 3 months before transplantation.

What are the conditions for implants implantation right after the extraction?

Ensure good bone mass to fit the implant

The density of the jaw is not too thin or too soft

Doctors use standard implant cylinders, which are suitable for Implants Immediate Implants Saigon Vietnam dental implants

I-DENT recommends that when you want to implant implants immediately, you must choose a hospital or center with highly qualified implant implanters who will be able to implant the implant immediately. Accurate implant placement technique will create instant high stability. At I-DENT dental fully modern equipment, enables the transplant quickly, safely and effectively. Our team of skilled doctors here has successfully implemented hundreds of transplants implant warranty with high quality will help you have peace of mind.

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